Saturday, March 17, 2012

What is your "foolish limit"?

I have been reading through the book of Joshua the last few days. It's been a while since I have read this book, and I've been trying to do it with a "what if I was Joshua" perspective. A number of things have hit me, but this morning as I was reading Joshua 6 my mind was really racing.

Joshua 6 is when God marches around Jericho and the walls fall down- well that's the brief version- I suggest you go read it.

As I read it I pictured how utterly foolish these people looked walking around this fortified city! What must the people inside the city be thinking? What was Joshua thinking day after day just walking in circles? On day 3 do you stop and really re-evaluate your attack strategy? There's no way this was a common war strategy.

But it's clear, he did it, because God told him to! And I hope that I would have been that obedient, but I must confess, I would have really doubted the logic of the plan. Is this efficient? I don't see how effective this will be! What will those inside think? What will those marching behind think? Isn't this going to look a little foolish?

What if God asked me to do something foolish today? The immiediate thought was; what if I was to walk around my city block daily praying for the people...outloud...would I do it? What if God wanted me to step out of the crowd in a bold way...would I do it? What if God just simply wanted me to raise my hands in worship...

Unfortunately my "foolish limit" is pretty low. But this year I have been really thinking about this, "if God asked me to do it, then do it." Good enough thought, but what about the action.

How low is your "foolish limit"?

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