Sunday, October 14, 2012


I believe in the Biblical principle of a sabbath as much as the next person.  But practicing it is a different story.  For me a Sabbath meant not going to the church office, but that was pretty much the only difference (As a pastors Sundays aren't a great "sabbath" so I take Fridays). And lately I have just been noticing that I felt sluggish, irritable, and generally tired.

After thinking about it for a while I realized that my sabbath was just that I didn't go in the church, but it wasn't a true "unplugging" and resting.

So last Friday I shook things up.  I slept until I woke up without an alarm.  I ate well- healthy whole meals (no fast food), skipped the gym (*gasp*), didn't turn the tv on, no iPad, no leadership/theology reading, and when I got tired mid-afternoon I slept for 2 more hours!

It was amazing once I removed busyness how quickly my body wanted to crash.

Here's the best part...I was inifitely more productive on Saturday!  I was up early, sermon came together much, much faster, had a great workout, carved out family time, and that continued into Sunday.  It's almost like I was....rested!

Julia and I have decided this will be our new Friday-Sabbath practice. 

I don't care who you are- you are not a machine.  Caffeine may mask it for a while, but you cannot function flat out forever.  You need to rest.  You need to re-charge your batteries. 

So I challenge you, try a true Sabbath, not just a "not going to work day", but truly unplugging.  Slow down.  Enjoy putting your feet up.  Nap.  It may be the most productive day you have!


  1. I hear you, P. to put your words of wisdom into practice....

  2. One of the pastors at our church has preached on this a couple of times. She wrote her thesis about the theology of play! :)